Our Mission

The Redding Democratic Town Committee is committed to preserving our “small town” character, maintaining excellence in our schools, protecting our environment and open spaces, and creating cultural and recreational opportunities for all residents.

We support careful town planning, responsible budgets, and appropriately developing the Gilbert & Bennett Wiremill property. We accomplish this through elective offices, appointed positions on town committees and boards, and volunteerism.

We endorse candidates for municipal offices who share our vision of government as a way to better the lives of its citizenry; and endorse delegates to state and district conventions of the Democratic Party of Connecticut.

The Democratic Town Committee of Redding is guided by the policies and principles of the Democratic Party, and responsible to state and federal election laws.

Our Platform

Our Vision: Devotion to Community

As Democrats we take to heart the idea that “all politics is local.” Redding is a special place because Democrats have led the way to preserve our wonderful small town character. Excellent schools, protected open space, and cultural and recreational opportunities are the legacy of our leadership and our promise for the future.


For decades, Redding Democrats have fought for and won bi-partisan support for enlightened land use policies that have kept our Town a green oasis in a rapidly growing region.

We have worked to make Redding an exceptional place to live, work, and raise a family.

We have been leaders in the preservation of open space.

We are unwavering in our support of public education as our number one investment. Democratic school board members have supported small classes with individualized instruction and innovative programming, such as enrichment, technology enhancements and foreign language study, while at the same time demanding fiscal prudence.

Under Democratic leadership, we established the Extended Day program and public transportation for seniors.

Democrats initiated tax relief for the elderly and the “In-House Apartment” ordinance to create flexible housing for seniors.

We built and renovated playing fields and added Park and Recreation offerings.


Our record shows that we will fight for the things we love about Redding. Here is what we pledge to you for the Redding of the future:

We care about our local government. We will —

Champion long-term fiscal planning and the most efficient use of our tax dollar.
Choose the best, the brightest and the most qualified to serve our Town.

Demand integrity, fairness, courtesy, and transparency on town boards and commissions.

We care about Redding homeowners and their families. We will —

Work to get the most value out of our tax dollar.
Protect home investment with strong land-use laws and enforcement of those laws.

We care about keeping Redding a great place to live and learn.

We will –

Keep Redding a leader in educational achievements by supporting our public schools.
Support funding for the Mark Twain Library as a principal cultural and social center of our town.

Improve recreational and athletic facilities to accommodate expanded usage and programs for all age groups.
Continue the preservation of open space, which controls growth and helps keep taxes down while preserving the landscape and providing recreational opportunities.

Support housing solutions that preserve our rural small town atmosphere, consistent with our land use regulations.

We care about our seniors. We will —

Fight to keep the senior tax benefit.
Continue our efforts to enable seniors to stay in our community.

We care about Georgetown redevelopment. We will —

Encourage redevelopment that fosters sustainable economic growth while retaining Georgetown’s historic character.
Support preservation and adaptive re-use of existing structures as the key components of redevelopment throughout Georgetown.

In a small town, we can all make a difference. That is what we, as Democrats, pledge to do.

The Redding Democrats Platform

Redding Democratic Town Committee 2015

Jamie Barickman, Dan Barrett, Peter Bonfanti, Brad Bottger, Mary Lou Carlson, Mary Ann Carman, Mike D’Agostino, Paula Darlington, Karen Dolan, Jan Dorenbosch, Ed Dzubak, Margi Esten, Jeff Fligelman, Michele Grande, Susan Green, Mary Anne Guitar, Sharon Hoverman, Leon Karvelis, Gil Lancaster, Mark Lewis, Paul Losacco, Liz Massa, Ed Miller, Tina Miller, Elaine Mintz, Lea Mintz, Bob Moran, Peg O’Donnell, Julia Pemberton, Jane Ross, Sara Sobel, Heather Whaley, Kim Yonkers, Peggy Zamore